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Recovering the Ancient Magic


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Recovering The Ancient Magic

Recovering The Ancient Magic Max Freedom Long

It is easy to dismiss out of hand any suggestion that a real magic exists beyond that variety practiced for our mystification and entertainment on stage. The Author (Max Freedom Long) too started from the belief that the universe was made up of matter, force and space, with no room for anything super physical. For eighteen years he studied magic in its various forms, fourteen of these years being spent in Hawaii. He sought to penetrate beyond the externals of native magic and to discover its basic secret.


The evidence he presents is in the form of fiftyone cases given before an imaginary round-table of laymen. The incidents described are based upon either personal participation or accounts received from trusted friends, or are taken from reputable works on the subject of magic.


Magic in all its manifestations is treated in a compelling and personal fashion, and includes fire walking, spiritualism, levitation, mind reading, instant healing, and changes in physical material.



Max Freedom Long (1890-1971) was an indefatigable researcher and brilliant writer. He spent more than fifty years in recovering the ancient magic of the kahunas. Some of his other books are The Secret Science Behind Miracles, The Secret Science At Work, Growing Into Light, Self-Suggestion, Psychometric Analysis, and The Huna Code In Religions.